#ALifestyle Profile: ANJU

5 Posted by - February 2, 2015 - ALifestyle

Alifestyle Anju

Hello! We are profiling the ANJUthreads society and kicking-off the series is none other than Anju! It’s all about #ALifestyle and #HappyHealthy choices. Checkout what Anju had to say:

Your 9 to 5? My 24/7 is ANJUthreads.

Hashtag your role. #entreprenuer#smallbizowner#boss#alwaysworking#alwaysplaying#curatinganexperience#itsalifestyle #beautyandhappiness#simplesmiles#threading#eyebrows#philly#best

Passions, ambitions? Most of my passions and loves are channeled into the salon in delicate ways. I tend to be a quiet person when it comes to my ambitions.

Coffee, Tea, Juice, or Other? Generally juice and water, I stay away from caffeine. If I’m meeting with someone during the day, then I’ll have tea or something sweet. Rooibos at LPQ or AppleGinseng at PS&Co are my picks.

How often do you get threaded? EBs once a month, I prefer them when the shape is not super sharp and a little messy. I change the shape almost every season.

What’s a standard in your daily diet? A banana and glass of juice for breakfast, almost always.

How do you stay physically healthy? I make it to the gym 3 times a week. My workouts are not very disciplined, I just make sure I’m not bored for an hour. On my list of must-tries this Spring are LitheMethod, PureBarre, Flywheel. I do love yoga, but I have not gotten into a routine, I think I just need a yoga-buddy. #bigsmile

Relationship? Single. The best dates begin in heels and end with kisses. Always order dessert.

Communities you support, follow, or a member? I’m a big supporter of: 1) Individuals aspiring to launch their own business, especially those creating a new lane in their industry. Almost every Pop-UP event hosted at ANJUthreads is directly related to an individual launching a dream. Exposure is a major component to success and it’s such an honor when I can be helpful in that way. A few favorites from 2014: NextGenJane, EatPretty, Chocamo, SpiritForward, GlitterGlamSweets. 2) The Arts in Philly. I try to make it to one event or performance each month. I attended my first opera last year, Barber of Seville, it was nothing less than amazing and really fun. Rodin is one of my favorites, but I still have not made it to the museum, I need to fix that.

Tell us about this pic. Miami, poolside at IconBrickell. If I’m not in Philly, then I’m by a pool or the beach, always.

Wine, Beer, Cocktails? Generally whites over reds. Champagne, Prosecco, Cava always preferred. No IPAs, they give me terrible headaches. Dirty Martini’s and Old Fashioneds. No tequila. Favorite spots for a nice cocktail: CharlieWasASinner, Petruce, 1TipplingPlace. TrestleInn for whiskey and fun.

Words to live by? I have a few big ones: “Where you invest your love, you invest your life,” Mumford&Sons. Every dollar matters. Be there for the ones you love, and make sure they feel loved and cared for. Everyone is a romantic– trust me.