#ALifestyle Profile: Jordyn

1 Posted by - February 16, 2015 - ALifestyle


Checkout Jordyn’s #ALifestyle profile below. We met this lovely lady at the ANJUthreads #ALifestyle EatPretty event last summer and recognized her when came by again to try threading for the first time! Hear what she had to say–

What’s on your playlist right now? Tennis, Purity Ring, Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac. I cried when Stevie Nicks put on her tophat during their last concert and I would kill to have her bedazzled boho microphone even though I have the worst singing voice ever.

Your workday? I am a reporter for Bonnie Fuller’s HollywoodLife. I cover everything from celebrity fashion and beauty to Bradley Cooper’s latest movie. Tell me to cover what Bradley eats for breakfast and I’ll cover it– he’s my philly guy and celebrity crush.

Hashtag it. #popculture #writer #viral #fashion #beauty

Passions/Ambitions? My ultimate goal would be to be a host on Fashion Police  like the great Joan Rivers. I can always play…and win…Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game so it would be pure joy to combine my movie knowledge with my fashion obsession.

Tell us about Jordyn’s Fashion Formula.  It’s very much a passion project that traces how culture and entertainment ultimately inspire how we get dressed in the morning. Whether it’s intentional or subconscious, it’s fun to breakdown what film or comic book can be discovered in everyone’s fashion formula. The irony of the blog is that I was always horrible at math, but that this type of equation, ones sense of style, comes naturally to me.

How do we follow you? Find me at http://www.jordynsfashionformula.com or Instagram @jordynicoleshaffer.

Coffee, Tea, Juice, Other? I love Wawa coffee! Specifically, I mix Hazelnut coffee with some of the Hot Chocolate steamer. I live for this DYI mocha and then I ask the wonderful wawa folks to add whip cream on top. You can now order a cappuccino with the touch screen, but I like to kick (and sip) it old school.

Recently, I started a campaign called #howiwearwawa. It all started out with a Wawa T-shirt that my boyfriend gave me and that I subsequently cropped behind his back. I am usually not good with scissors, but it came out great and people wanted to know where I got it. Instead of selfishly keeping it to myself (or making them order one on e-bay), I launched the sisterhood (and brotherhood) of the traveling Wawa shirt. It’s been so interesting to see how people put their own spin on the shirt.

How do you stay physically healthy? I need to get back into Bikram YOGA, but lately I have been doing Flywheel. When I am tied to a strict writing schedule, I just go for a 2 to 3 mile run since cardio helps me release stress. I need to try Lithe Method with Danielle Ingerman — word on the street is that she is the best.

How often do you get threaded? I get threaded every 3 weeks. I love the natural look, but often I wait too long. If I need an eyebrow review, I’ll ask my little sister Ryann, who has the best eyebrow shape ever! Watch out Lily Collins!

How would you describe your Eyebrow shape? I have thick eyebrows and I decided to #GotoANJU to maintain their fullness. All too often I see women with super thin eyebrows and I am scarred from that. Sometimes I’ll even take eyebrow gel from the pharmacy and brush the center of my eyebrows up to make them look messy and full like Brook Shields. So if you think I forget to clean them up, I didn’t….it’s intentional! I also think threading brings out anyone’s bone structure. After all, we can’t all be born with Diane Von Furstenberg’s bone structure.

Communities you support or are a member? Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) and Philadelphia’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

Wine, beer, cocktails? Where? I am a sucker for a refreshing gin cocktail or a spicy drink with jalapeño in it!

Favorite restaurants/places for celebrating special nights? You can always count on Pub & Kitchen for a great dinner or night out. And of course, Sampan, they make a great spicy cocktail (see above).

AND Here’s the #howiwearwawa tshirt!