#ALifestyle Profile: Patty

4 Posted by - July 30, 2015 - ALifestyle, EB


Meet Patty, a newer client of ANJUthreads. She was recommended to us by a friend and has loved her experience. I asked Patty if she would share a bit of her #happyhealthy lifestyle with us. Hear how she finds balance, fun, and love in Philly!
How do you stay #happyhealthy? The shore is my happy place! I bought myself a condo in Margate, and that’s all I need!! Sun, sand and a good book!
What’s your work scene? I am an RN on the Oncology Unit at Jefferson Hospital and am currently pursuing my Masters to become a Nurse Practitioner!
Why/when did you start threading? I first started threading when I was living in New York. I absolutely loved it, so when I moved back to Philadelphia, I knew I had to find a threading salon ASAP!
What do you like/dislike about the process. Threading, for me, is so much nicer than waxing or plucking. With waxing, my skin was left red and swollen. I would break out in tiny bumps because of my sensitive skin. I’d often find myself going straight home and icing my eyebrows! Once I tried threading, I knew there was no going back. I don’t find it painful in any way, and my skin is never irritated afterwards. I actually get my eyebrows threaded on my lunch breaks and then head straight back to work!
Anything particular about your experiences at ANJUthreads you would like to share? Anjuthreads is a blessing to my eyebrows!!! I am a nurse at Jefferson, so the location is perfect. They always fit me in with last minute notice and I’ve never been disappointed with the service or results! Anju is the best!
What are a few things you do regularly? I love to go for nice long runs along the water and I’m also learning to golf! It’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying playing with my Dad and brother!
#Philly is pretty amazing, what are somethings you love about the city? I love to try different restaurants with my girlfriends after work! Some of my favorites include Zavino, White Dog, and El Vez! Who doesn’t like a Margarita after a long day?!
What has made this summer fun for you? I have a new nephew, so that has been a wonderful addition to my life! Sundays are family days at my grandmoms, and that has been a tradition my whole life, so Family times are the best times!