Hey Baby, What’s your (rising) sign?

0 Posted by - July 18, 2013 - Events, Love

Do you love reading your horoscope! Or maybe every once in awhile think it’s fun to take a peek and see what it’s saying? I totally love peeking at it on occasion, it makes me giggle… ok and sometimes pause. And sometimes I just think– uh… that’s not at ALL what’s going on with me. Well, ha. I just learned that we have TWO signs– YUP! And they provide insight on very different aspects of our lives… go figure! :-)

Join Lauren at anjuthreads on Tuesday, July 23 for  a fun and informative evening– a discussion about love, life, the laws of attraction and most importantly YOU. Learn about your Rising Sign and change the way you look at your horoscope forever!!

Event details: Tuesday, July 23. 7pm to 8pm followed by individual readings. Light refreshments will be served.

**To determine your rising sign, you will need your birthdate, birth time and city you were born.**