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Threading has been a popular hair removal technique in Eastern countries for ages. Threading is a facial hair removal technique where cotton thread is twisted, and the twist is rolled over the unwanted hair to gently lift and remove rows of hair in a precise manner.   Facial skin is very sensitive and has a higher tendency to react to chemical methods of hair removal or waxing. While waxing is great way to remove hair on other parts of the body, it is not advised for facial hair removal. Waxing can burn the skin, pull the skin and cause pre-mature wrinkles or increased sagginess, as well as cause a reaction. Those who wax their facial hair generally bleach or tweeze in-between treatments, since the hair has to be long enough for waxing to be effective. Threading will remove the smallest hair once it has broken the skin. And while re-growth of hair from tweezing has the tendency to be thick and stick-out — hairs grow back soft, fine, and lay gently against the face from threading.