Threading: It’s #ALifestyle

1 Posted by - October 6, 2014 - ALifestyle, Best Deal

Threading. It's #ALifestyle.

ANJUthreads believes threading is the best option when it comes to temporarily removing unwanted facial hair. Getting threaded and coming to ANJUthreads has become a healthy lifestyle choice for so many in the greater Philadelphia region.

Like many lifestyle choices, it takes a few times and consistency before you can truly appreciate the results and benefits. It’s not always easy to make new routines. Anju recommends trying threading 3 consecutive times (no waxing or plucking in between!), before making a decision if it’s the right choice for your needs. Also, try different threaders– we have an excellent team with subtle differences in technique (i.e. faster, slower, different angles, etc). We know you will find the perfect fit.

Yes, the first time will be a bit of a discovery experience. Threading removes hair from the root, so you will feel it. Some clients say it does not hurt at all and others feel it is intense the first time. Our expert staff will be gentle and efficient. The sensation is hard to describe– but if you remember the first time you waxed or tweezed, maybe it was not so comfortable. But the second and third and subsequent times, you will know what to expect and it will be a lot easier.

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