Value of Expired Groupon & LivingSocial coupons?

1 Posted by - April 23, 2015 - Info


If you purchased one of our LivingSocial or Groupon deals, you might be wondering what happens to your coupon if you do not use all the services before the expiration date. The situation is the same for both LivingSocial and Groupon. Here’s the info:

After the expiration date of the coupon, any remaining paid value on the coupon can be used as a payment. But you will not get the deal of the coupon.

For example, maybe you purchased a deal that was 2 eyebrow threading services for $17. The normal cost for eyebrow threading is $13. But with this deal, you are paying $8.50 for each eyebrow threading session (not $13). If you use the coupon once before the expiration date, then you have a value of $8.50 remaining on your coupon. When you come into the salon after the expiration date and use your coupon, we will subtract the remaining value of your coupon from the services you received. So if you come and get your eyebrows done after the expiration date, in this example, you would be pay: $13 – $8.50 = $4.50.

Hope that helps, xo!